Produce valuable, customer-focused content and/or copy quickly and frequently
without sacrificing quality.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • We have extremely high standards for our content and sales copy and we need help quality checking our writers’ work to make sure it’s up to the standards we want.
  • We have so many moving parts in our content creation process. So we end up getting our writers, who aren’t skilled editors, to polish our content. Now, we want them to focus on writing and have someone skilled at editing review their work.
  • We have lots of content to publish and tight deadlines but editing slows us down. We want to speed up our content creation process.
  • It takes me twice as long to edit/critique my writers’ work. I don’t have time for that!

You've come to the right place...

Victor Ijidola

But let’s be honest. 

You’ve probably been hesitant about getting an editor.

You’re either afraid to try anyone out because you’ve heard horror stories…

Or you’ve tried one in the past, and one of these happened:

  • You were appalled by how much they destroyed the original content or copy.
  • You just couldn’t deal with their slow turnaround times (Hello? Deadlines...)
  • You were thoroughly unimpressed because you thought an editor was supposed to catch everything, but you still kept seeing higher-level issues they completely missed.​

Sound about right?

After all this, it’s tempting to want to leave the editing to your writers even though they’re not skilled editors, or do it all yourself even though you don’t have enough time. 

And the reason why you and other content teams are stuck with these issues is that you haven’t hired an editor on your team that can work with your deadlines without sacrificing your content’s quality.

proofreader and copyeditor for content writers

Hi! I’m Rennie.

Lead proofreader, copyeditor, and founder of Top-notch Edits.

My team and I help content and copywriting teams in agencies and companies to quickly and frequently produce content and copy without sacrificing quality

We do this through editing that’ll keep your content and copy up to par no matter how much content you need to create monthly.

Jessica Foster

We’ve designed our services to help you:

  • Never worry about losing your content and copy quality standards no matter how much content you push out monthly.
  • Rest easy knowing your content is going to be edited to help you achieve your content marketing goals.

We do this through two services:


You have content writers and copywriters on your team who handle all your content creation.

 But with the rate at which you produce content, there’s little time for editing so quality assurance ends up taking the back burner.

And it’s counterproductive when you end up spending most of your time editing their work. 

My team and I will help you quality check your work and make sure they’re following your guidelines so you can maintain or improve your contents’ quality.

What does this include?

We will:

  • check for grammar, punctuation, and sentence errors.
  • check the structure and flow.
  • check for redundancy and consistency issues.
  • fact-check claims and stats.
  • check for clarity.
  • check if your content or copy is appropriate for the target reader.
  • check if your content or copy aligns with your content marketing goals.
  • provide helpful feedback and critiques.
  • provide free proofreading services.


Your content passes through several people before it’s published. But we both know they’re usually checking the big picture ideas in the content or copy and ignore the other stuff. 

Then everyone on the team becomes too attached to catch the little embarrassing errors that make your business lose its credibility. 

You need a fresh set of eyes on it to make sure you don’t miss anything and we’ll do just that.

What does this include?

We’ll proofread only after the content has gone through several rounds of edits.

We’ll do a final run-through to check and correct any errors missed. 

This usually includes checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence errors.

NOTE: This is not a thorough edit. We won’t check for persuasion, structure, and flow. 

If we find some higher-level context issues, sure, we can point it out, but we won’t be looking out for that. We’ll assume it’s already been taken care of.

So what type of content and copy do you edit?

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks 
  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Sales pages
  • Email copy
  • Case studies
  • Landing page copy
  • Product descriptions

Don’t see what you want? Hit me up and ask 🙂

You need an editor right now that:

  • Is open to getting feedback and learning how your company wants to present itself to your audience.
  • Won’t butcher your work because “it’s breaking a grammar rule.” (You’re writing for the reader first, not to appease the grammar gods 🙄)
  • Has quick turnaround times.
  • Values the integrity of your work.
  • Can work well in a team with other writers.
  • Can handle the volume of content you produce monthly.

But if you’re thinking,

“Okay, I’ll chat her up tomorrow…”

“Maybe in the next few weeks...”

“When we have new projects...”

Well, you decide where you want to be tomorrow, next month, or next year…

Decision #1

You don’t hire me now and settle for having your writers edit for themselves, editing it yourself or hiring cheaper editors that are not focused on helping you achieve your content marketing goals.

  • Your content’s quality is going to drop when you have people unskilled in editing reviewing your content.
  • Your team will keep missing errors a professional editor’s eyes are trained to catch.
  • You’ll burn out editing thousands of words per week while trying to manage other aspects of your job.

Decision #2

You hire me to be a part of your team. 

You’ll finally…

  • Stop worrying about losing quality when you produce content quickly.
  • Have an editor on your team that truly gets your style & contributes fresh ideas.

What would having relief from editing and producing loads of content without sacrificing quality be worth to your business?

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