Why editing your content takes too much time and you’re constantly feeling like you’re behind

This is probably the most common problem I hear from new agency owners or content managers.

You usually have a huge volume of content to review weekly and your writers always submit subpar content that requires lots of editing.

But you have tight deadlines to meet, so you’re constantly feeling like you’re stuck in this vicious cycle of stressing out trying to edit bad content.

It’d have taken you less time if you just wrote it yourself.

It’s frustrating. I know.

That’s why I used the GIF above. Doesn’t it perfectly describe how you feel sometimes editing some writers’ work?

But have you ever thought to figure out the root of your problem and how to solve it?

Based on my experience working with lots of people like you, I’ve realized there are two major reasons this is happening:

1. You don’t have an editing process.

That’s why you try to edit for everything all at once. It would be a lot faster, right?

But that’s false. It is IMPOSSIBLE to edit everything at once. Trying to edit for everything at the same time increases your editing time and the likelihood that you’ll miss a lot of errors.

So what happens is you’ll immediately notice the little errors like the wrong image they used, their grammar that’s off, punctuation, etc. and fix them.

Then you read on and realize the section you just edited doesn’t even align with the topic and the writer needs to rewrite it. So all your edits are wasted and you have to re-edit that section again. That’s why this process is ineffective and time-consuming.

2. You don’t know how to train your writers properly.

Have you ever felt like the quality of your writers’ work isn’t improving? Then you probably don’t know how to train them.

I used to make this mistake a lot and now I’m learning how to incorporate training my clients’ writers into my editing.

A big mistake new agency owners or content managers make is that when they see huge errors in their writers’ content, they just fix it themselves.

Because tight deadlines = no time for that.

But it’s actually hurting you.

Your writer has no idea what they’re doing wrong besides the general feedback you give. But it isn’t really helpful because you just say it in passing since you’re rushing on to the next piece to review.

So how do you solve these 2 problems?

1. Have a written, detailed editing process

I can’t stress this enough. If you’ve never worked as an editor and as a new agency owner, you find yourself doing a lot more editing, you need a documented editing strategy for you and your writers/editors to follow.

It’s a little different from your writing style guide because it tells you the order you should follow to crosscheck that you/your writer followed the style guide. You need this so you don’t end up facing the problem I described above where you re-edit sections of your content because you didn’t follow the right order.

This way, they get better at editing their work and you can also review their work more effectively.

If you do this, you’ll notice that you’re starting to gain your control back and don’t have to worry about producing low-quality content for your business/clients.

2. Don’t try to fix all their errors for them or give general feedback.

Instead, give the content back to them and explain what’s wrong and what they need to do to fix it.

If they’re hands-on with fixing their problems, they’ll learn a lot faster and remember it the next time they’re writing.

It’ll save you so much time and you’ll see a huge improvement in their work.

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’re creating content quickly and frequently.

If you don’t know how to create your editing guide for your writing team, just send me a message through my chatbot (at the bottom right corner of the page) and I’ll send you my free customizable editing guide you can adapt for your team.

Have you faced these problems? How did you solve them? Let me know in the comments.

Rennie Sanusi

Hi! I’m Rennie — proofreader, copyeditor, and founder of Top-notch Edits. I help you produce content and/or copy quickly and frequently without sacrificing quality. So who do I work with? Content writers, copywriters, agencies, and companies. To discuss how we can work together, email me at rennie@topnotchedits.com or send me a message here.

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