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Rennie Sanusi

Hi! I'm Rennie

What? You make up to $1000 a month from just editing online?”
It always surprises people when they find out how much I make.
Trust me, I was surprised as well when I realized how much I could earn monthly from editing.
And here’s how I started out.
Last year, I had so many plans for my life, goals I wanted to achieve, and people I wanted to help.
But I had a major challenge: I wasn’t making enough money to do all I wanted to do. 
So I searched every nook and cranny of Lagos (Nigeria) looking for jobs, but all I got were low-paying positions. I was so frustrated!

Not long after, I discovered I had a flair for editing when I edited for my copywriter friend for free.

He said something that struck me: “You edit just like my editor I pay.” That was when I realized I could make money from this.

So I started improving my skills through constant practice, niched down to editing for only copywriters and content writers, and grew to love using my editor eyes to catch errors and make any content that comes my way top-notch.

Now, I run a proofreading and copyediting business online with clients from all over the world and earn over $1000 a month and I’m still growing!
I work from home and don’t have to get stuck in traffic to and from a 9-5 job that will overwork and underpay me. I set my working hours and I’m able to live the life I want, afford things I want to buy, and help others out financially.
I’m now helping proofreaders and editors like you make money editing in this untapped niche.
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One of my editing clients said this about me:
"Rennie has actually made my content so much better ... Now if she could just make a few clones of herself that would be great!"
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Jessica Foster
SEO Copywriter & Founder, Keys&Copy
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